Kingdom Under Fire footage

Circle of Doom demo arrives - see it inside

A demo of Microsoft's Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom has finally arrived on European XBL Marketplace.

In case you missed it, Circle of Doom is an action RPG filled with monster critters that do battle using a combination of weapons, abilities and spells. A bit like Pokémon if it was chinned and swallowed whole by Diablo, then.

The Korean-developed action-strategy effort has been completely reworked for Xbox 360, says Microsoft, with randomly generated maps, six heroes to choose from and four-player online co-op. You can watch recent game footage (which we found on the internets) here.

The 1.2GB trial has been available in the US for a while and offers two stages of the game's first act, where you battle as one of two characters, Kendal or Leinhart.

The full game's out on February 1. Look for the review in the days running up to release.