Smash Bros. sticker scheme

Reminds us of swapsies in the playground

Stickers will play a prominent part in upgrading your characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the official website revealed today. It might be worth re-reading that sentence to make sure you didn't just make it up in your head.

You can pick up stickers throughout the game and each sticker houses a special power up. Usually the bigger the sticker is, the more dramatic the power-up will be.

To benefit from these power-ups, you must paste the stickers to the bottom of your trophy base, but it only has limited space for a finite amount of stickers. It sounds like yet another RPG advancement system in a colourful and playful disguise.


Unfortunately, stickers can only be used within the single-player mode The Subspace Emissary and will have no use in standard brawls.

Whether this is a good or bad thing is beyond comprehension at this point. It's just another thing that Smash Bros. seems to be doing, along with solving the middle-east crisis and ending climate change.