Atlus RPG unveiled for DS - screens

Rondo of Swords heads to handheld

Atlus, publisher of the Trauma Center franchise, is bringing a fantasy strategy RPG to DS called Rondo of Swords.

The plot sounds like absolute nonsense, with a king dying mysteriously and a kingdom plunging into darkness and an evil army invading and only a magical sword can save the kingdom and restore peace to the land. Told you so.

However, the features sound quite promising. A deep party management system allows you to send your party members off on errands or go on quests to level up on their own, so you don't have to suffer the tedium of grinding through thousands of boars to get XP.


The game also includes multiple storylines and endings that are determined by your actions. Your decisions will apparently affect the character you become and the ending you receive.

How the game plays is still somewhat of a mystery though. The 'unique combat system' uses route maneuvers and momentum counters, whatever they are. And skills are not just skills, but "dynamic strategic devices that you choose to build or not." Your guess is as good as mine.

Rondo of Swords will be released on April 15 in the US and possibly Europe. We've contacted Atlus for confirmation on the release date and clarification of what the terminology babble above means, and are waiting for a reply.