PC Gamer: Hottest Games of 2008

Feature: 110 reasons to be excited - part seven

PC Gamer UK has picked out its hottest games of 2008, the list totalling an impressive 110 titles. The carnage continues below, and we'll be adding to the list over the coming days. Should you have missed previous parts of the feature, you can find links to them below.


Pirates of the Burning Sea (ETA: January)
Choose between the French, Spanish, English or Pirate nations, and captain your fleet. Fight at sea, trade, steal and swashbuckle. Best of all, cash in your spoils for ever-larger, ever-more-powerful fighting ships.


Postal 3 (ETA: Winter)
The poor Source engine. Apparently we need more Postal, as there are always more corpses to piss on. The devs promise it will be the "sickest and craziest game ever!", so perhaps this time you'll be able to poop on the people you murder.


Project Origin (ETA: Winter)
FEAR let you play the finest, and toughest, first person combat available. You, a cloned soldier, faced off against hundreds of grunting troopers, pinning them to walls with nailguns or spraying them apart with grenades. It was created by Monolith - who now, because of legal shenanigans can produce a sequel as long as it's not called FEAR 2. Project Origin it is, then.

It kicks off some 30 minutes before the end of FEAR. You play as a new character, waking up in a commando raid on a medical station. You grab a weapon and begin anew.

Monolith's two big tricks: better AI soldiers and unparalleled destruction. Its clever brutes flank you, flush you out with grenades, and retreat when under fire. The big new feature is a range of reactions. Set a baddie on fire and he'll immediately examine his options - drop and roll, run to a basin or fountain, or just scream, diving out of a window to a cinematic death.


Prototype (ETA: Summer)
New York has a new problem: a shapeshifting freerunner in a hoody. Sure, there are other problems, too: ceaseless war between military and mercenary operations, rampant monsterism, terrible congestion. But the hoody is the big one. That hoody, Alex, is you, and we know what you're like. Given the right powers, and a little encouragement (angry tanks) you'll cause chaos.

Prototype's Big Apple is a playground of almost limitless violence. Alex is the result of a genetic experiment: he can turn his skin into stone, his hands into blades or giant hammers. Or, he can consume the body of any character, and use their likeness to infiltrate buildings or installations, or for creative problem-solving.

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