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The OTHER upcoming Xbox games... (P2)

From Lost to Wheelman

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Right, lots to cover here. First, Pandemic's Saboteur, a clever wartime tale, which uses black and white and colour to determine which parts of the levels you've successfully aced, and ambitiously mixes stealth and gunnery. Not many guns in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, a hardcore RPG sequel to a PC original, which sees you reigning from on high as a Seraphim. Guns are back on the menu for Saints Row 2, in which Volition are promising bigger, better, more - though the first batch of shots look almost exactly the same as the first game. Not enough guns yet? How's WWII thriller Schwarzenberg take your fancy, where you play a scientist trying to find out more about dastardly Nazi medical experiments?

Playing Romancing the Stone to Activision's Indiana Jones is Shadow of Aten, which does pretty much everything Indy does - just without Indy. Things get weird in Silent Hill 5 - but with development switching to The Collective from Konami's internal studios, we're not 100% convinced things get weird and good. Skate 2 will definitely be good, as long as EA stick to everything great about the first game, but tweak a few key areas like actually being able to walk up stairs. The Spiderwick Chronicles is a Vivendi-published kiddie licence, based on the film of the book. You're a kid, you battle goblins, probably going to score 63%.

Where's Spore? Will Wright's mind-shattering God sim has disappeared, despite being one of the most hyped games of 2006. We doubt it'll make '08 to be honest, but it's one to keep an eye on during the course of the year because with its concept (start as a tiny amoeba and evolve into worlds) it won't stay quiet for long.

Bit of Star Wars next. Specifically Star Wars Battlefront 3. Expect development to remain with Pandemic, the creators of the first two, and expect it to be pretty decent. Star Wars Force Unleashed is being pitched as the seventh episode, but from what we've seen of it so far, the opportunity to become Darth Vader's apprentice and some super-shiny physics aren't going to save this from being another above average contribution to George Lucas' bank account.

Will Street Fighter 4 make 2008? No hope in hell, but you can read more over on page 12. Finally, just as we stated in last month's issue, PC RTS giant Supreme Commander is coming to 360, with developers Gas Powered Games confirming so. It's a corking game on a Bill Gates-sponsored Windows machine, but how will those controls work on the 360?



The Greek-made Theseis isn't likely to punch your face in with its visuals and startling gameplay innovation, but at least Track 7 are attempting something different with their gun-free, myth-filled explore-a-thon set against a backdrop of minotaurs and gorgons. They, on the other hand, is remarkably familiar: a Half-Life-styled alien invasion shooter, though one with intriguing weaponry. Weaponry is also at the forefront of Free Radical's Timesplitters 4, which possibly won't make '08, but will definitely include some form of shooting monkey. The guys were still in pre-production when we went up to see them in September though, so this has some way to go.

TNA Impact has been getting office wrestling goons Matt 'n' Mike excited, especially after the disappointment of this year's Smackdown. Matt reveals that it's "more of a simulation" and "everything looks so fluid compared to Smackdown's mechnical robo-men".

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