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Admit it, Fracture is looking good

Exclusive screens from LucasArts' sci-fi shooter inside

LucasArts has winged over five brand new screens for its space shooter, Fracture. Come see.

Here's a little weekend treat, five new shots from Fracture, which doesn't look anything like Mass Effect at all. Does it?

Anyway, we bet you agree it's looking great and here's a clip from PSM3's recent preview: "Fracture is set in 2161. There's a war on. Now there's a surprise. It's Europe and Eastern USA vs Asia and Western USA, who, unsportingly, have created a load of genetic mutants to fight their battles.


"But Jet Brody on the East USA side and 'cybernetically enhanced', has a trick or two up his sleeve - and they're called 'tectonic' and 'subsonic' grenades. Subsonic grenades cause massive ditches which magnetically attract enemies towards them, then blow up."

Finish what you started here. But not before you've looked at the shots below.