February whispered for MGS4 demo

Snake and Middle Eastern war zone appearing on PSN next month?

Metal Gear Solid fans are excitedly hugging reports that a Metal Gear Solid 4 demo is set to release on PSN in February.

The report originated in PSW magazine, which mentions the release of the demo at the end of a hands-on playtest of the latest Metal Gear game (funnily enough, you can read the hands-on report online right now).

PSW says that the demo will feature the level appearing in the playtest, which happens to be the Middle Eastern war zone that was shown at the Tokyo Games Show.

"What is clear about this level from the game is the degree of freedom you'll get to explore Snake's new world. Old MGS levels were fairly linear, albeit with multiple routes, these levels are more open. You're given a goal and tasked with getting there by any means necessary", the magazine says in its hands-on.

So... MGS4 demo, February? Fingers crossed. Hit the link above for the full preview.