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Remedy: Consider Alan Wake Vista-exclusive

XP users to miss out on the developer's hotly anticipated thriller?

Remedy Entertainment has dealt a knockout blow to the chops of Windows XP users eager to get their hands on Alan Wake.

"It is best to consider Alan Wake to be a Vista exclusive game", Remedy's director of development Markus Maki has said.

Maki refused to be drawn on the developer's plans for DirectX 10 implementation in the game.

Neither is Remedy committing to a release date for Alan Wake yet, although Microsoft has previously promised we'll see it this year - well, on Xbox 360 at least.

"We haven't announced a release date yet - we are a small team that is focused on delivering an amazing game experience, and that requires time and patience", Maki said.

Alan Wake relates the tale of a horror writer who loses the love of his life and moves to smalltown America to start again - it's promising to be the next classic videogame terrorshow. To find out why, go to our Alan Wake gamepage.