Two minutes of Alone in the Dark

Gameplay footage creeps into our movie player...

A new, two-minute gameplay trailer from Atari's forthcoming survival horror-a-thon, Alone in the Dark, is up for grabs.

Having just watched it, we can tell you the movie focuses A LOT on the high level of interactivity between the player character, objects and the environment.

However, we, the gaming public, are treated to a smidgen of gunplay and a brief glimpse of monsters right toward the end, so not all's lost.

Earlier in the month Atari confirmed that Alone in the Dark will be out on PC, Xbox 360, Wii and PS2 in May, with a PS3 version expected to follow a little later.

The new Alone on the Dark game marks the return of the survival horror series that first appeared in the 1990s. This reinvention has been developed by Eden Games, and events take place in present-day with New York's Central Park the stage for shocks and scares.