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PC Gamer: Hottest Games of 2008

Feature: 110 reasons to be excited - part eight

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Top Secret (ETA: Winter)
A former game developer asked the internet if they'd help him build a game for a credit. The internet came up with a massively multiplayer beast racing game. Mario Kart, but with tentacles. This is what everyone wants to play, apparently.


Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (ETA: Spring)
Turning Point is an alternate history World War II game where Hitler has managed to invade Washington DC in 1953. Rather than playing a soldier winning the war single-handedly, you're a construction worker trying to survive in the midst of Zeppelin-led invasion. It's a comic book FPS that doesn't take history seriously: a contender.


Turok (ETA: Spring)
There's a superb moment in the early version of Turok we've played. You round a corner and face a dozen or so heavily armoured space-soldiers. Then, the grass starts moving, and velociraptors sprint out of the undergrowth. Wait: that isn't the best bit. The real thrill comes when your character, Turok, grabs a knife and sneaks up on the back of dinosaur, and slits its throat. Mean, grisly, and very, very funny.


Underwater Wars (ETA: Winter)
Included in this feature because the press release cracked us up on deadline, this shooter is the usual post-apocalyptic nonsense, with one big feature. It's set "on a land and under the water". Other badly translated features include "hydro accelerate system, mini submarines and etc", "three modes of operation: underwater operations, underwater bases, ground missions and multiplayer" and "two main character (men and woman)." We don't know if it's going to be any good, and frankly we don't care: the broken English promises are entertaining enough in themselves.


Urban Empires (ETA: Spring)
This multiplayer strategy game is a cute new idea: with 18 other players per city, use extortion, robbery and drug dealing to build a nice chunk of cash. Then spend it on guns and henchmen to take the fight to your enemies. When those scraps take place, you can either give orders for the AI to carry out, or jump in to take direct control of each character. Between games, online stat-tracking, persistent scores and league tables should keep you thinking about your next hit.

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