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Total Overdose dev reveals Faith and a .45

First details emerge on upcoming shooter

Denmark-based developer Deadline Games is currently in production of Faith and a .45, a new original title for next generation platforms. But we think they mean current generation, and possibly excluding Wii.

Sounding more like a movie than a game, Deadline promises to focus on characters, co-operative gameplay, road movie storytelling and cinematic aesthetics.

"Since we at Deadline have our roots in movie production, we value original stories, settings and characters very highly," said CEO Chris Mottes.

We're not sure we can agree with his testament that the game will be original, considering the plot sounds like a knock-off of Bonnie and Clyde.


It tells the story of outlaw lovers Luke and Ruby, destined to go down in history, who battle an oppressive force led by an oilman who wants them dead. At least the oilman is new.

Deadline promises a take on the Great Depression and it certainly sounds like it. Expect a gritty, cross-country game with guns, a dark army of steel-plated vehicles and armour-clad pyromaniacs. More soon. Including shots hopefully.

Spotted by Gamasutra.