127 Nintendo Games for '08 (P5)

Last of our picks for the best of the year

NGamer has picked out its hottest games of 2008, the list totalling an impressive 127 titles. Except, after counting, we might have been mistaken. It appears to be only 124. Oh well.

If you have missed the first four parts of the feature, you can find a link to it below. Otherwise, here's the last part of the list.

93) Q Entertainment Project (TBC)

Q Entertainment are a studio formed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Sega Rally, Space Channel 5, Rez), and can count numerous top designers and programmers among their ranks.

Refreshingly, this wealth of talent isn't put to waste on tosh such as Generic Licensed Collect Items Battle 6; Q have created numerous original titles, usually with a gameplay mechanic which relies on the player depending on aural and oral feedback.

The results range from the sublime (Meteos and Lumines) to the catatonic (Every Extend Extra). So, are we excited? We don't know!


94) Victorious Boxers (Mid 2008)

We think we've discovered where the phrase 'Punch Drunk' originated; the more intoxicated you are when playing boxing games on the Wii, the more sense they start to make.

Victorious Boxers follows this proud tradition, but also provides two other control 'solutions' - the use of a traditional VC/GameCube pad, and a really weird one where you have to draw squiggly shapes with the remote.

The fighting is solid enough (we gave it 70%), but we'll wait for the inevitable Punch-Out announcement.


95) Sonic Riders Zero Gravity (March)

A speedy sequel to GameCube's Sonic Riders, which means more race-related fast-jinx for our prickly hero coming to your Wii in just a few short months.

Sonic learns of an artefact named the Shooting Star, which has mysterious gravity-manipulating powers, and decides to claim it for himself. But - the horror! - the fiendish Babylon Rogues team (that's Jet, Wave and Storm to you) also get wind of the Star's existence, so they all decide to have a gentlemanly race-off to decide who gets it.

Hey, it's a better deal than Sonic usually carves out. "Right, so I'll navigate this treacherous assault cause, while you sit at the end of the level and file your nails. Okay?"

We wanted to love the original Sonic Riders more than we did (not least because of the gorgeous NiGHTS level), but it just sat there playing itself far too often.

Early impressions of Zero Gravity suggest that Sonic Team are working hard to level out the original's problems, even if it would appear that the character design is still Cringe Factor 10.

In any case, Wii's first Sonic game sat perfectly still in the Wii Top 10 charts for a good five months after its release, so it's a tough act to follow.

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