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Disney DS GPS details emerge

Photos of the most novel use of the DS yet?

Disney fans have posted pictures and screenshots online confirming that the Mouse House plans to use the Nintendo DS as a travel guide, as we reported yesterday.

The service uses a cartridge that contains all relevant information and software for the guide.

The DS did bypass the menu screen and boot straight into the program, but this could be due to the DS probably being a debug kit.

However, the Disney DS was fully GPS enabled and consequently always knew where you were standing.


Whether or not this is some novel way Disney's network operates or additional hardware somehow built into the Disney DS is still unknown.

The pictures show off some of the features of the guide, including a visual map and a character locator. Perfect if you really need to grab the autograph of an out of work actor posing as Cinderella.

Also shown are trivia games, ride information and queue times. In all seriousness, it all looks extremely polished. Full credit should go to Disney for doing something like this.

Hopefully, London Underground will follow suit and we'll never get stuck on a train inexplicably skipping our stop ever again.

Thanks to WDWMagic for the pictures