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GT: Prologue ready for March?

The wait's drawing to a close, if SCEE's website is to be believed. And why wouldn't it?

It's being reported on a few European-based websites that SCEE has finally dated Gran Turismo: Prologue.

Update: Sony's finally made it in and has told us the following: "We have yet to confirm a European release date for GT5 Prologue, and will be making an announcement in due course." Now before you go crying into your cornflakes, or bacon butty, that doesn't mean it won't be out in March. it just means they're not saying. Yet. Update out

We'd still wait until the official press release drops into our laps, or at least wait until Sony gets into work and give them a bell, but March sounds about right to us.

Some reports claim the date has been set as March 28, but we're hoping that's wrong because it's clearly the wrong side of the month we're hoping for. All of this is coming from a reported SCEE website update.

We do know that Sony's been making moves to PR the game across Europe, which doesn't take a marketing analyst to figure out that a launch window has been set. Especially when you consider that the Japanese version was out before Christmas.

While we wait for Sony to get off the Tube and into work, hit this link and check out our exclusive, direct feed movies that you may have missed a while back. More soon.