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"I won't quit... I won't quit... I quit."

I'm the kind of bleeding-heart animal-loving liberal whose idea of a 'dirty weekend' is scrubbing oil-encrusted cormorants off the coast of Norfolk, so naturally I was looking forward to playing PM. Birmingham New Street would be first to go, razed and replaced with a hummingbird sanctuary. Things didn't go to plan.

Not five minutes into Democracy, I found myself choking back tears as I relaxed animal safety laws to get the vote of the farmers.

This annoyed the liberals, so I had to do what anyone would do and legalised prostitution, which got under the nose of the religious sector.


With a re-election looming, I hastily belied my atheist beliefs and ramped up the Religious Education in schools, which again irked the liberals, but my free and easy handgun laws met their approval and that of the patriots.

The parents should have minded, but they were too busy bearing shit-eating grins over my generous child benefit scheme. That's me safe - until the next re-election.
That's Democracy in a nutshell - a balancing act that'll see you betraying your morals (I even installed speed cameras!) for votes and will, if nothing else, allow you a better understanding of why things are the way they are.

This political simulator is easy to pick up and strangely compelling, and is best summed up by a Donald Rumsfield quote on one of the interstitial screens, "If you try to please everybody, someone's not going to like it."

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