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Boll: Games have no story

Dungeon Siege director goes on the attack

In one of his more honest interviews, movie director Ube Boll has hit out against the internet and gamers who bash his work.

In an interview broadcast on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld by Fox News, Boll was asked how he dealt with gamers who complain about his movies.

He replied: "A lot of video games have no story. I did the movie House of the Dead and got bashed and I said, what were you expecting, Schindler's List? I showed zombies chasing people and this is basically what the movie delivers.

"I don't know what they were expecting if you make a movie based on an ego shooter where you kill ninety minutes of people non-stop."

Boll also shot down internet critics, saying: "They don't have their own life and they're still sitting at Mommy's table every lunch".

To watch the interview in its entirety, go take a look at Red Eye's page and look under the famous faces, where the interview clip can be found (at the time of writing).