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Don't miss! First proper Resistance 2 screesnshots

No scans here - these are the real deal. Seven of them

Until now we've only seen scans of Resistance 2 - but here we have the first seven proper screenshots from the PS3 sequel.

Recent info on the game revealed the Chamelion and Stalker, beasts that have stealthier tactics than the Chimera, with the ability to cloak themselves invisible and sneak up on you. Insomniac has apparently listened to feedback from the first game, and focused on improving the enemy AI, checkpoints and health system in the new game.

The sixty-player multiplayer gameplay will take on a new focus on squad-based gameplay. There will be three main classes of player, a Tank class who have the big guns, Special Ops handle the long-range sniper action, and the Medic to patch up the n00bs.