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Gears of War 2 gets new management?

Ex-EA Chicago manager tipped to head up next Gears - where've you gone Cliffy B?

EA Chicago employees were certainly gutted when their studio was shut, but not General Manager Kudo Tsunoda, who's said to have found a new job working on the (second) biggest Xbox game of them all.

According to a Time Warner site Gametap, the former Fight Night boss has taken a post on Microsoft's Xbox team where, the site's sources say, he's now project lead on an "upcoming Gears of War title."

If true, this adds more credibility to rumours that the Epic shooter follow-up will be making an appearance at next month's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

At EA Chicago Tsunoda worked on, among other things, the Fight Night and Def Jam beat-em-up series. His supposed involvement in the sequel then (if only in a producer role at MS) could be good news for fans of the first game's shocking melee violence. More chainsaws, please...

Microsoft and Epic are yet to comment on Tsunoda's supposed involvement, but we're not expecting much beyond "no comment" anyway.