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New Midnight Club: LA shots

Rockstar's rowdy racer let out for a test drive

New shots of Midnight Club Los Angeles are doing donuts in the car park at the back of us but we've managed to make them stop and come and have a rest here.

We last saw the game at last year's Leipzig games expo where we said: "Graphically at least, Midnight Club: LA looks even better than GTA IV. Running on the same RAGE engine that powers all of Rockstar's next-gen games, the San Diego division has managed to create a free-roaming racer of such scale that... well, we can't quite believe it took them less than a few years to develop.

"Unlike the fictitious parody of Liberty City, Midnight Club's Los Angeles is an impressive recreation of the buildings and streets that we used to get drunk in every May for E3 at least - going right down to individual shops and hotels. It's all there; Hollywood, downtown, Santa Monica, the highway - and you can cruise through it at 100mph with potentially tons of online opponents."


Finish the preview here. Right then, back to Burnout: Paradise.