Turok team-kill achievement ditched

Removal patch to be unleashed on the day of release

It been confirmed that the controversial Grab Bag Achievement in the new Turok game, which would reward players for killing members of their own team in an online multiplayer game, will be removed via a patch on the day of the game's release.

Josh Holmes, VP of Propaganda Games, told CVG last year that his team was considering readying a patch to remove the Grab Bag achievement should it prove to be ruining the game for players. After the noise we made about it, Propaganda evidently decided to go ahead with the fix.

Wired, who quotes CVG as calling the Grab Bag achievement the "worst multiplayer achievement in the history of games," reports that the patch will be made available online on February 5, and will change the Achievement (or the "accomplishment" in the PS3 version) so that you only need to kill an enemy, a creature and yourself.

Rumble functionality and 1080i support will also be included in the patch for the PS3 version.