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Wii Animal Crossing dated (almost)

Good to go in Japan this year, says Nintendo

We almost forgot a Wii version of Animal Crossing was on the cards, but Nintendo's Japan outfit has decided to remind us by slapping a dirty great "2008" release date on the dig-'em-up via a financial report.

Wii Music and Disaster: Day of Crisis have also been re-confirmed for 2008, along with a Wii Kirby game.

It's encouraging to see that the Wii instalment of Animal Crossing (announced alongside the 'Revolution' in 2005) finally has something that looks like a release date. But as its a Japanese date; North America and Europe could have to wait until 2009 before we get our dirty mitts on it (especially with all that text).

We still don't know anything about it either, although we reported on the MMO rumour (via Edge) late last year.

We'll be happy either way as long as Nintendo don't just do a quick "extra Wi-Fi and Famicom games" bodge job. No more N64 graphics, please!