Smash Bros. ships with a bug...

Nintendo issues warning leaflets to Japanese retailers

Despite all the delays, Japanese games and retailers are reporting that Super Smash Bros. Brawl has shipped with a bug.

The bug apparently occurs as soon as the game runs, turning the screen black and displaying an error message saying that the game can not be run.

Thankfully, it's possible to ignore the message and play the game as normal.

Nintendo has since issued leaflets to retailers that should be given to customers when the game is sold.

Whilst it's hardly show-stopping, it's worrying that a game delayed so many times can ship with such a glaring error.

In other Smash news, the Japanese opening cinematic has been released and looks stunning, and screen grabs of the manual have turned up online (see Kotaku to take a look).

Frankly, if there was any more Smash Bros. news today, we'd have to open up a new channel dedicated to it.

[Source: Game no Urabanashi]

EDIT: In case you're scratching your head, news that Bomberman is a playable character in the game turned out to be an internet hoax. Shame on the internet.