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StarCraft II: A pair of adventure shots

The scenes are probably familiar, but you've never seen them looking this pretty...

To help satisfy the hunger of its rabid RTS fanbase, Blizzard has released a pair of new StarCraft II screenshots showing the game's fancy point-n-click adventure scenes in erm, 'action'.

No RTS explosions here then, just human hero Jim Raynor looking rather wrinkly and a big ol' spaceship with plenty of buttons and gizmos that'll probably beep when you click on them with your cursor.

In all fairness, the point-n-click stuff does look very nostalgic and should help flesh out the colourful StarCraft universe once the FMV intro's done and gone. There's even a KOTOR-style conversation system, which if done right should give everything a proper RPG twist. Exciting...