Codename Panzers: Cold War

Interview: WWII is almost a distant memory

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Obviously it's a fictional scenario but set in the real world. Is there any accurate representation of real environments of the period in maps?

On the tactical map you can see how Stormregion took pictures and maps and reconstructed how things would look like. And it did that for most of the missions, so most of the missions have a realistic look and setting - although it sometimes changed things for the sake of gameplay - but most of it is actually pretty realistic.

Are infantry individual units, or are they selected in squads in Company of Heroes style?

Huggele: Infantry is squad-based, so you'll always have squads containing up to five units. The way it works in Panzers is you select a type of infantry squad - for example a machine gun squad - and assign an officer to the squad.

Depending on what officer you pick, you get different skills for your squad. For example, the Ranger officer can build a fox hole which is good for defence. You can have combinations of flame throwers, machine gunners, bazookas, mortars, and just assign them different leaders.


Base building - yes or no?

Huggele: There's no base-building. So you have to have a way to call in reinforcements. This works via a helipad, harbour or train station - if you capture those buildings you can bring in fresh units. There's usually one of these capture points per mission, but sometimes more.

Prestige is the only resource in the game, and everything you buy is paid for with Prestige, as is upgrade research. You can get Prestige in various ways. For example, the most common way of getting Prestige is by destroying enemy units, by fulfilling mission objectives and you can also get Prestige per second if you capture various buildings (or Prestige flags), strategical positions on a map.

We also have Points of Interest, buildings the player can use. You can build units that you could not buy otherwise, like Russian units. There's a radio station that lets you call in paratroopers. There's a radar station that reveals units on the minimap and several others. But the most important ones are like the helipad and buildings that give Prestige.

What about multiplayer?

Huggele: Multiplayer is for up to eight players and there are various game modes. For example, Domination is where you have one huge Deathmatch and you can capture buildings and factories to build new units, radar stations and so on. There's also Team Deathmatch, and that's simply Deathmatch without the ability to build new units.

Finally, aren't there any nukes?

Huggele: There's a nuclear strike in multiplayer - and chemical weapons - and they're really wicked... really evil.

Codename Panzers: Cold War is due to release on PC at the end of March.

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