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Nintendo's UK site lists Brawl for June 1, 2008

European release for game dated on website. Fingers crossed it's not just a mistake

Nintendo's UK website is listing the release date for Super Smash Bros. Brawl as June 1, 2008. We repeat, this is not an online retailer like Gamestop or Amazon doing the guessing. It's Nintendo!

While the main gamepage for Smash Bros still lists the game as sometime in 2008, a box out relating to all news articles about the upcoming game shows us the specific date.

To view an example for yourself, take a look here. We've grabbed a pic just in case it magically changes over the next few hours and we start to think we're seeing things.

We've contacted Nintendo UK just to make sure no one's playing silly buggers. More soon. All good hopefully.

Update: As expected, Nintendo has now removed the date from the website.