MS drags feet over UTIII and user mod support for 360

Epic hangs on for the green light from Microsoft

Epic's Mark Rein has updated Xbox 360 owners on the status of the console's version of Unreal Tournament III, which by the sound of it still has plenty of work to be done.

Speaking to Guardian Unlimited, Rein said that "the game is up and running on Xbox 360 - it has been for a long time, and its running wonderfully - it just doesn't have any Xbox Live written into it yet so that's the work that remains."

But that's not all; Epic is still battling with Microsoft over its strict rules regarding user-generated content, which is currently up and running in the form of maps and mods in the PS3 version of UT.

"Microsoft hasn't said 'no' yet, but then they haven't said 'yes' either. We need them to say 'yes,' and we need them to do it soon," said Rein.

The Epic VP notes that it's a technically possible feature of the Xbox 360 version, since "you can go onto the console and copy your songs on to it and play movies off a memory card - the machine's capable of allowing you to transfer your content around, and even letting you play your music while playing many games."

Come on Microsoft; you've already admitted that user generated content is massively important with Halo 3 and Forza, can we just make some maps already?