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Sudoku on Live Arcade too!

Poo your pants, puzzle fans

As if you weren't excited enough about next week's Poker Smash, unknown and rubbish-named developer Merscom has revealed that Buku Sudoku is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this spring.

Featuring "high resolution graphics" (!), Buku Sudoku takes the game on the back of the ratty tube newspaper and makes it even more confusing, by replacing the numbers with fish, Japanese characters and probably different shades of brick for all we know.

There's even the promise of Xbox Live Sudoku deathmatch. Oo-eer...

But we digress; it'll probably appeal to a certain kind of Xbox audience who've gone ignored up until now, and we might even but it if it's going cheap... and has Sonic 3 as an unlockable side-game.

Have a look at the (tiny) screenshot on the right.