Ready 2 Rumble meets Team Fortress 2

First shot of EA's Facebreaker inside

Following its earnings conference call this morning, EA has released the first screenshot of Fight Night's cartoony successor, Facebreaker.

The 360, PS3 and Wii boxer is set to feature bold, cartoon graphics, c-razy characters and "real-time facial deformation", which means that yes, you can literally smash your opponent's face in half. Though we're not expecting much blood.

Apparently it's "Ready 2 Rumble meets Team Fortress 2", though the art style isn't quite up to par with the latter if you ask us.

Playable fighters include "a Latin lover known for his pelvic thrusts", a Russian demolitions expert, as well as EA's Game Face tech that lets you make your own toon fighter.

Sound promising, though we're still hoping for a proper Fight Night sequel (which probably won't be the same now that EA Chicago's shut). Look for the first in-depth preview shortly.