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EA dates inevitable UEFA game

Kicks off a month before the real tournament

Never missing a trick, EA will have its official UEFA game, UEFA Euro 2008, ready to launch across Europe on April 11, just ahead of the June kick-off of the real-life tourney that we don;t really care about because we didn't even make it that far. You might though, so read on...

It's not the same as FIFA though, EA pitching the game as a "more accessible, faster paced and responsive version of the market-leading EA Sports football engine." Cartoon FIFA?

Of course it also features the stadiums that'll play host to the UEFA '08 championships.

New to the UEFA game is a mode called Captain Your Country, which, as EA explains "will enable gamers to put themselves on the pitch, earn the captaincy of their team and truly inspire their country to glory."

You'll also be able to rub salt in the wounds of your opponents with interactive post-goal celebrations. We're hoping there'll be a "WHO ARE YA?" chant button.

So, that April 11 on PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, PC and - for those who don't own real games consoles - mobile.