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Leisure Suit Larry

Team 17 handles Box Office Bust...

You may have bought Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude for the Xbox. You may have played it at length. You may even have got excited at the sight of your avatar indulging in 'Confessions of a Videogame Character'-style rumpy pumpy with a bimbo with a face like a goldfish. You may even have enjoyed it. You may have told your Mum that you were washing your own sheets because 'laundry is quite interesting, actually'.

You may have done any of these things, but because we like you, we'll assume that you didn't. The kindest way to describe most of the Larry franchise is 'a guilty pleasure'. It's tricky to rate the releases in game terms, as nobody has ever bought them in search of a meaningful challenge - a bit of a dirty giggle or two is all that can be expected. And to be fair, past developers have understood this, augmenting an American Pie-level script with saucy visuals and plots as shallow as Larry himself.


Come Again
Larry's 360 debut, however, seems to be aiming its jet of love fluid higher this time, with Team 17 happily moving downmarket to offer a more involving series of liaisons than usual. The excuse for young Larry Loveage's minigame-strewn adventures is that his uncle's Hollywood studio is being brought down by a mole, threatening to blow the lid on the company's many scandals - which presumably mainly involve Larry's constant shagging.

Your job is to find the mole, in between hitting on disturbing Stepford Wives-style cartoon gals - and your mission will take you through many movie-spoofing scenarios, with a different game style for each one.

There's a Thriller-ish horror FPS, a rip-off of Monster Madness, a Titanic sequence involving a manjuice-spattered shuffleboard, platforming and racing sections as well as the traditional free-roaming sleaze-a-thon.

Perhaps the most intriguing idea is that your exploits will be filmed, giving you the chance to play Director and edit together your own Larry movie, to watch again and again. Just don't tell Mum.

The innovations are akin to McDonalds sticking truffles in their Big Macs - the traditional mix of blow-up-doll totty (voiced by Carmen Electra and Shannon Elizabeth) and occasionally amusing filthy dialogue would have been enough for the target audience. But we're ashamed to admit, the movie spoofs and Director's Game feature have quite piqued our interest...