Wii Fit hands-on

Preview: With our extensive play

Huffing and puffing. Aching all over. Sweat glistening on a furrowed brow. All this just from lifting the balance board out of the box.

Behind that nimble white exterior lies a weighty stash of blubber-monitoring tech, all designed to compliment the Wii Fit software and rate you from fatty to flimsy.

Now, we needn't tell you that fitness is hardly team NGamer's strong point. We think tiny meals are an insult to large plates, and exercise is what's done to young girls with spinny heads and pea-green puke.

As such, it'd be wrong to cast a health-conscious critical eye over Wii Fit (just as we wouldn't trust Rosemary Conley's review of a Big Mac) so instead we ask the simple question: is Wii Fit actually fun?


Ski Slalom

Although easy to ace with your hands (see Laz-E-Boy box, far right), the Ski Slalom is one of the more sophisticated indicators of the balance board's ability to supply control to a full-fat game.

While carving a path is tricky, it shows enough nuance of control to prove the balance board could quite happily be used in a standalone skiing title.

Thinking of SSX Blur, where some find the nunchuk a tad over-sensitive, the body's sluggish leaning certainly makes sense.

Forehead meets ball

You lean. You head the ball. Thus the name. And it's one of the best. Successfully weaving your bonce between the undesired boots and panda heads is not so much down to speed, but the ability to steady yourself - extra momentum can too often propel you into the path of a size ten Nike. A great grin maker, this.

Step Aerobics

The aerobics highlight is an intro movie in which a line of imported Miis performs a flamboyant chorus line bow - made all the more hilarious when said line is populated by Hitler, Jesus and Borat.

The task itself plays like the slowest bemani title ever designed, a zombie-like shuffle on and off the board, performed to an auditorium of enraptured Miis.

In fact, the slow lurching is reminiscent of old lady exercise classes. An evil sight indeed.


If we needed any more convincing about the balance board's potential, Snowboarding did the trick.

Rotating the board 90 degrees and mounted in true boarding fashion, we weaved down a speed-slalom, altering speed with gentle forward or back positioning, just as it should be.

The speed of this straighter run (compared to Skiing) showed off some exhilarating moves. 1080 Snowboarding, here we come.

Bubble Maze


Hmmm, seems like someone took a cheeky peek in team Mario Galaxy's recycling bins: directing this bubble through a top down maze is alarmingly similar to navigating Bubble Blast Galaxy's birdseye labyrinth.

Still, the lean to steer controls work well, though once solved we don't see much incentive to return. As with Wii Play, many of these games could do with fattening up.

Hula Hoop

As with ol' fatty's gyrating antics in WarioWare, there's hours of cruel enjoyment in the sight of a panicked games journo trying to keep an invisible hoop around their waist.

Factor in directional body thrusts to grab extra hoops for a fun, if simple, game.

The Penguin Game

Okay. So the sight of your Mii tucked inside a penguin costume? Cute. But the game itself? Left us cold (ho ho).

Aiming to gobble as many fish as possible, you lean left and right to tilt the iceberg, sending ol' Happy Feet in the relevant direction.

Kind of like the polar opposite (again, ho ho) to Super Paper Mario's Tilt Island - where you tilted Mario away from falling obstacles - this scoffing mission isn't the deepest of Wii Fit's an-tarc-tics (whither).

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