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No More Heroes 'designed for Xbox 360'

Grasshopper boss Suda 51says Wii action slasher started life on Microsoft's console

Grasshopper founder Goichi 'Suda 51' Suda has revealed that his upcoming Wii hit No More Heroes was first planned as an Xbox 360 title.

Speaking to trade mag MCV this week, Suda said: "Originally, I'd wanted to make this game for Xbox 360, actually. [Marvelous Interactive boss] Wada-san had information about the new Wii and how the new controller would work before it came out, so that's why he thought I should produce the game on that format.

"At the time, I didn't really understand why, but after seeing and understanding how it works, I think it was a good choice and the controller works really well with the game."

No More Heroes is out in the UK on February 29, mixing both GTA-style free-roaming exploration with cartoon lightsabre-swinging. Early reviews say its rather good and probably worth checking out for the wicked art style alone.

Off the top of our heads the Xbox 360 version would've benefited from even prettier graphics, minus the Wii Remote combat and erm... Achievements. It's probably wouldn't have been much of an improvement at all, then.

Ah, and the European one's got rubbish black blood. Is it 1992 again?