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X3 expanding in Terran Conflict

New stand-alone product to tie up the X trilogy

Egosoft's X series on PC is expanding its space horizon in new product X3: Terran Conflict, which will act as a grand finale to the trilogy.

Terran Conflict's a stand-alone title that'll take X recruits back to Earth's solar system where they'll get to strap on boots as different characters in the games universe or, explains the developer, a Terran military pilot.

Egosoft's saying that the game features the largest universe yet seen in the series - "for X: Terran Conflict will offer more missions than any other X game before".

It's currently pencilled in for release in Q3 2008. No screenshots as yet, but they can't be far off.

Egosoft's X series offers adventure, combat and trading in a sandbox space world, X3: Reunion in particular proving very good indeed.