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PS3 Devil will make you CRY with 20 min install time

Fit a whole Simpsons episode in while your new PS3 game takes 20 mins to install

Devil May Cry 4 is coming to 360 and PS3 this Friday. That's good news mainly for the reason that it's an awesome game. You can look forward to the review later this week, or read this if you can't wait any longer. But there's a little issue of a MASSIVE installation process that forces all PS3 gamers to wait just under 22 mins before they can tuck in to Dante's finest.

Update: You can read Capcom's response here.

You'd think there'd be a benefit after being forced to install nearly 5GB of game data, like shorter or even no loading times during the entire game. Funny thing is though, it doesn't make much difference to load times compared to the 360 version, that you can play straight away.

We clocked the entire install process at 21 minutes, 41 seconds.

Following that the opening load time on PS3 was five seconds against eight on 360. And then three seconds versus four, and four versus five seconds in following load screens, PS3 - 360. As you can see there's not much in it.

So over the course of an eight-to-ten hour game you might get your 21 minutes back over 360 players with ever-so-slightly shorter loading times. But really?

Time to put the stopwatch away and get back to playing the game. Check out in-game footage here.

While we're 'on topic', it's also being reported that (in Japan) the PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4 is outselling the 360 game 5-1. But that's because there are only six people with 360s in the country. It'll be much closer over here, if not the other way around.