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Q&A: It's nothing like Gears of War. Honest...

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Burnout Paradise gets around certain firmware omissions on PS3, such as friends lists, game invites and such, by providing all of those in in-game menus. Will Army of Two feature similar systems for PS3?

Turner: We do. We have friends lists accessible during the game, you can send invites and your friends can join you - it's as easy as doing it on Xbox Live.

Tell us about the delay and what the extra time means for the game.

Turner: We had to cut some things. We had to get rid of a couple of vehicles, and the healing mechanic, which was a mini-game that we felt took players out of the game.

It was a cool little mini game where you stick tampons into bullet wounds (apparently based on true facts) and did CPR.

The first ten-or-so times you did it, you laughed and it was fun. But the appeal wore off and so we decided to axe it and put it in the recycle bin.

That helped the overall gameplay - now no matter how injured you are you're always involved in the fight. You never get taken out of that intensity.

Tampons! That's funny. It's a shame you had to axe it completely. Maybe you could have used it as a one-off event in a particular mission...

Turner: We didn't really have the time to change the content of the game. We thought the content we had was great, and it was a tough choice to get rid of it.

So the 'Recycle bin' content you speak of... is all that to return in a possible sequel? Or maybe as download content?

Turner: If there is to be a sequel - I can't really say if there is or isn't - maybe. We're working on download content for the game, so there's always a possibility that stuff could come back.

Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from the DLC?

Turner: You'll be getting some extra maps for the multiplayer, and we're really excited about what other stuff we have planned so we're keeping it hush at the moment.

The multiplayer mode hasn't been shown much - we assume it's limited to two-on-two scenarios?

Turner: It is two-on-two. We tried to get away from typical deathmatch. We designed it with a money mechanic, so you're completing objectives while competing with the other guys.

There are also NPCs in the environment so it's really hectic. I think we have a new type of multiplayer in Army of Two.

There's been talk of the PS3 making a comeback this year in the console battles. How do you see the year panning out?

Turner: I've got to see it. I know there's a bunch of games coming out on PS3 this year. I'm waiting and would love it to happen.

If it does happen I'd be ecstatic, because I think that it hasn't got its due yet. Hopefully we'll be a part of that if it does happen.

To finish up, what was you guys' internal reaction to the Activision and Vivendi Games merger?

To be quite honest, when it happened we were right in the middle of crunch time on Army of Two, so we were like "oh, whatever, we'll think about it later".

After that, when we had had time to sit down and think about it we think it's good to have competition. It's healthy for the market, it's healthy for us, it'll challenge us to become better at what we do, which I think is nice for everybody in the industry.

Very diplomatic...

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