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Ninja Gaiden, Black on Xbox Originals

Action pair along with Sid Meier's Pirates! on Xbox Live Marketplace next week

Those complaining (already) about the lack of new releases on the Xbox 360's Originals service can shut their traps now - three new games, including Ninja Gaiden Black are arriving next week.

Along with Tecmo's ninja slasher, Criterion's excellent FPS Black and Sid Meier's Pirates! will be arriving on Xbox Live next Monday, February 11. Presumably they'll be for the usual price of 1200 Microsoft points (£10.20), which isn't bad considering Bejeweled is going for 800 points (£6.50).

Ninja Gaiden Black is definitely one of the best games Xbox had to offer and it still stands up today - even graphically (the fact that it's just been re-released on PS3 with even prettier graphics is a testament to this).

Black too is a worth-buying shooter from the Burnout boys and Pirates! is just as addictive as ever. If you haven't got a 120GB hard drive though, these three might not look as appealing.

Here's hoping Jet Set Radio's next...