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The Club

Membership will cost you an arm and leg. And possibly your life...

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Character assassination
We're not convinced by the array of characters either. The eight main folk are well designed, from Renwick the no-nonsense cop to Nemo a squat little fella who wears his hood up for added 'mystery', but they all feel exactly the same - although some are slightly quicker or more durable than others. And then there are the woeful stories. We ploughed through the entire game with Finn - a Don Johnson lookalike, who entered the tournament to pay off his gambling debts. As the outro movie rolled we sat in anticipation for the payoff to all our hard work, only to be presented with a 30-second movie of Finn triggering some C4 he'd 'cleverly' sent to his loan sharks as a present. Embarrassing. It's a bit like the end sequences of Tekken, but without the all-important satisfying finale to the stories.


Ultimately, The Club is pretty ballsy, and tears up the shooters' rule book to provide something unique. The arcade-style blasting is instantly fun and it looks and feels meaty, but the enjoyment quickly wears thin due to a lack of variety. You'll go back to beat high scores and climb the online leaderboard - and we're kind of excited to see how the rest of the online multi-player works (Extended Play online review soon - but with such a lack of unlockable weapons, characters and venues, The Club struggles to keep its members entertained.

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Overall Perfect if you're after a no-brainer - just don't expect the novelty to last long.

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