Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Hands-On: What do you get if you cross COD4 with an R6?

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The second is almost a straight copy of Counter-Strike's own Demolition mode with a few changes. There's the introduction of the sprint button, and the already great cover system. It's more intense than the slow-paced Rainbow combat you know from the past.

For the Counter-Strike ignorant, it's another two team situation that has one time attempting to plant a bomb at one of three deployment sites, and the other fighting to stop them.

Another key ingredient in how its more exciting than your average Counter-Strike bout, is how the HUD alerts all players where and when the bomb has been planted.

This way everyone's on the scene guns blazing immediately, and a cover-blasting sprint-fest ensues. Speaking of cover, developments have been made there as well; taking another cue from COD4, Vegas now lets certain weapons shoot right through breakable objects like wood.


On one Team Leader map there's a house maze build entirely of MDF walls. With a keen eye (and a big shotgun) you can shoot enemies right through the scenery without them knowing you're there, which is yet another element that's bound to bring the tactics back to Rainbow Six.

The first game's multiplayer was already solid, but with a bit of polishing around the edges - and a few good bits nicked from Call of Duty - Vegas 2 looks far more worthy than the quick fire sequel we expected. It might even be up to the high calibre of the original.

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