Capcom looks at Bionic Commando Wii petition

Producer sits up and takes note

Who says online petitions don't work? In the latest Bionic Commando podcast, producer Ben Judd says Capcom is considering releasing a Wii version of the revived Bionic Commando series, currently tapped to arrive on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Responding to a question asking whether Capcom had seen an online petition for a Wii version, Judd said, "Yes, we have taken notice. We're very happy about that.

"All I can say right now is that we're certainly thinking about it. If there is going to be a Wii version that comes out, rest assured it's not going to be something that's announced tomorrow or in a week.

"I mean, even if we were to start planning it, let's say, tomorrow, you wouldn't see anything for a year, or whatever. So, if you do have your hopes pinned on that, I would say 'Keep pinging us about that point,' and expect something like that, if we decided to go down that path, in about a year or more. So please be patient."

You heard the man, folks. If you want to see the game appear on the Wii, simply go along to the petition, sign it and thank the glorious internet for living up to its promise for once. Or wait for the announcement tomorrow.