Faith and a .45 trailer

Dev also tells us to expect something a lot more mature than Total Overdose

In an upcoming interview with CVG, Faith and a .45 director Søren Lundgaard (known as Slu) has confirmed that Total Overdose fans should expect something a lot more mature than their previous project.

When asked about the tone of the game compared to Total Overdose, Slu said, "This game is a lot more mature in its underlying themes. It's a story about how two characters, Luke and Ruby, change from mere Outlaws to real Heroes.

"It's also a story about Luke and Ruby's relationship and about a power-mongering oilman's desire to free the nation from the claws of democracy."

For those wondering whether a game dealing with political ideologies will actually be fun to play, Slu added, "With such themes going on we found it necessary to take a more serious tone, but this does not mean it's deprived of humour. It's just gonna be more dark and ironic."

Expect the full interview shortly. Until then, watch the latest teaser trailer on the right, which we think looks fantastic.