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This is Vegas! Or The Sims for lads

Gamble and fight in Midway's new "open world, lifestyle action experience". First screens here

This is Vegas is a new open world game headed for PS3, 360 and PC in winter this year.

Midway describes the game as a "lifestyle action experience, where players will live out their Vegas fantasies by fighting, gambling, driving and partying their way through the most decadent, fast-paced and wildest city in the world." Sounds like a meatier version of The Sims - one we'd actually play.

"When a powerful businessman begins turning Vegas into a family-friendly tourist trap, you must start your own powerful empire and resurrect the famous adult playground," explains Midway.


What sort of things will you get up to in Sin City? "Party hard at the hottest clubs to make VIP connections. Grow your bankroll by hitting high stakes tables. Race the fastest cars on the underground circuit to raise your reputation. Fight off enemies with fists and firearms to prove your strength."

But the 'open world' part of the game means you can do whatever you want in any order. "Where you go and what you do is your call whether counting cards, seducing dangerous women, cruising the strip or starting bar brawls".

If it's anything like the real Vegas though, you'll want to get the hell out of there after two days of brain-freezing air-con and useless French signposts in hotels.

First screens of the glitzy in-game city are below.