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Review: Here's hoping for a fatality

The best bit of the first Jackass movie was when one of them took a dump in a bathroom display at a furniture shop. It was a brutal physical satire on consumerism and our throwaway society.

Nobody cares what happens to poo, until it's sitting there on your shop floor, slowly bonding with the carpet.

DS hi-jack

Or stinking up the shelves of your local games store. Because the DS doesn't have the power to simulate the comic genius of the real Jackass crew, this game is all about flinging badly animated fatmen and dwarves into solid objects, then counting how many bones they break. Which might sound like fun, but isn't.


The cheapness factor is off the scale. Your bloke screams every time he brushes against anything, but will often smack head-on into a wall without troubling the collision detection.

Unable to cope with drawing more than a handful of polygons, the landscape fades out when you get bounced uncontrollably through the air, so you can't see the landing zone, and you repeat the same tasks throughout.

The only thing it has going for it is that the location for all this hilarity is a town called Mianus - and now we've told you the game's only joke, we've saved you the trouble of enduring it yourself.

The verdict

Charmless, unfunny and barely playable. As pleasant as stapling your eyelids to your forehead, then having the video rejected by You've Been Framed.

Nintendo DS
Action, Adventure