EA: Army of Two "a new type of multiplayer"

"We have a new types of multiplayer in Army of Two," says EA dev

Army of Two has its hopes set on redefining the co-op multiplayer as the game's assistant producer, Matt Turner, tells CVG: "I think we have a new type of multiplayer in Army of Two."

Army of Two is a co-op based shooter centred around working together to achieve your objectives, and will also include a multiplayer mode with two-on-two scenarios that, according to Turner, will stray away from the typical deathmatch ordeals of other shooters.

"We tried to get away from typical deathmatch. We designed it with a money mechanic, so you're completing objectives while competing with the other guys," he stated.

"There are also NPCs in the environment so it's really hectic. I think we have a new type of multiplayer in Army of Two."

He also revealed plans to expand the game's multiplayer mode with future download content. "You'll be getting some extra maps for the multiplayer, and we're really excited about what other stuff we have planned so we're keeping it hush at the moment," said an optimistic Turner.

As previously reported, he also discussed the extra challenges of programming for PSN in the full interview, stating that it has "all the capabilities", but admitted to having to overcome "growing pains" as his team got to grips with the relatively new system.