COD 4 beats Halo 3. Again

Infinity Ward's FPS takes back the Xbox Live crown off Halo 3

Call of Duty 4 has thrown a few online haymakers to bash its way back to the top of the Xbox Live leaderboard.

In January Infinity Ward's FPS took the top spot from Halo 3, only to see Bungie's shooter regain the crown the following week.

But now stats from Major Nelson's blog put Halo 3 back in number two in the Xbox Live rankings, Call of Duty 4 at number one.

Gears of War continues to prove popular in fourth place, and the stats also show Rez HD as the current top Live Arcade title.

On Tuesday Activision confirmed that new multiplayer maps are coming for Call of Duty 4 in spring. It's not spilled any further details as yet, mind.