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Peggle confirmed for DS!

Popcap's brilliant puzzle game coming to handheld

Handheld fans, unicorn lovers and bored commuters rejoyce! PopCap has finally confirmed that puzzle classic Peggle is coming to the DS.

Speaking at the Casual Connect conference currently taking place in Amsterdam, PopCap co-founder John Vechey stated the next version of the smash hit would be on Nintendo's smash console.

For those unaware of the title, Peggle is the break-out casual hit in which you have to eliminate different coloured pegs by firing a ball at them from the top of the screen, and it plays a lot better than words can sum up.

No details have been announced for the DS version, but we'll be sure to contact PopCap to get the latest on what is sure to become our sole form of entertainment on the tube every morning.

Source: Pocket Gamer