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Band Mashups: Exclusive Movies

Preview: First look at crazy rhythm-actioner

If you've been wondering what a rhythm-action game that uses flamethrower guitars and sniper violins plays like, take a look at these videos.

Taking a number of pointers from Guitar Hero, it seems the arsenal of weaponry available is limited to the animated play-off, triggered by your rhythm-action skills.

Directional arrows stream up the screen and we're told that in order to 'hit' the note, you need only to move the Wii Remote in the correct direction. It's as easy of that!

Based on this, if you can't work out how the wiggly symbol works, we think you're rather silly.


The 'Music Switching' feature we mentioned earlier in the week is also demonstrated in the video. It actually looks like it mixes up the gameplay and makes a selection of covers seem musically interesting.

We'll be getting some more information on Band Mashups soon. Until then, enjoy the videos.