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WipEout Pulse gets DLC

New tracks out today for the PSP racer, with other goodies coming soon

New content for WipEout Pulse has hit the PlayStation Store for PC today. But it's only the beginning of several expansion packs.

Mirage Pack, out today, is to be followed by Icaras Pack, Harimau Pack and Auricom Pack this month.

Each pack features new tracks, zone variants and one new team entrant for the 2208 FX400 Racing League season.

Mirage Pack costs £3.49, which is presumably what you'll be charged for the other packs coming. Anyway, here's full details on all the content...

Mirage Pack: Release date 07/02/2008
Mirage contains two new tracks plus their zone variants and heralds the arrival of the Mirage team.

Background: Founded in 2202 by sand baron Sheikh Zayed, the Mirage team fields an advanced Mantis ship and a crew of elite pilots fresh from the Mirage Anti Gravity Excellence Centre [MAGEC] training and development programme based outside of Dubai. The team arrives following a strong showing in pre-season testing and a clinical performance in FX350 League events.

Ship: The Mantis craft appears to be the most balanced of all the teams' ships, performing strongly in top speed, acceleration, handling and shields - making a great pilot the crucial factor for success. With a good understanding of Mag Strip track technology which emerged from the same labs as the Mantis, Mirage should perform well.

Tracks: Introducing Egewinter White and its zone variant - a five click track that snakes around the transit system of a densely packed metropolitan area located on storm-racked island city - and the massive Vostock Reef Black also with its zone variant.

Vostock Reef Black is the welcome result of the Vostock Island race committee taking the opportunity, presented by construction of a heavily industrial underwater seaport, to create a five and a half kilometre under sea circuit. Reef black rifles you through a backdrop of whaleships and the Vostok mining community.

Icaras Pack: Release date 14/02/08
Icaras Pack sees the Icaras team return to the fray; rejuvenated as the FX400 League's speed kings. It comes complete with two new tracks; the five klick plus Edgewinter Black with zone variant and the technically challenging Moroccan based Gemini Dam White. The question - can Icaras survive on speed alone - as shield strength has been sacrificed for pole position.

Harimau Pack: Release date 21/02/08
The Harimau Pack features the publicity-hungry, tiger-cloning Harimau Team equipped with a biofuel powered craft that has suggested good speeds and handling.

Tracks are the gloom ridden subterranean Orcus White [plus zone variant] hidden deep in the subterranean networks below Alaska and Gemini Dam Black, which transports the teams to the sun-baked trade hub of North Africa.

Auricom Pack: Release date 28/02/08
And last to arrive is the Auricom team - not only suspiciously late season entrants but also with an unknown pilot roster - in the midst of rumour about spectacular speeds and significant investment.

With the rumour comes the more-than-tangible Orcus Black and Vostock Reef White tracks, both with zone variants. Orcus offers a unique - and thin - racing atmosphere shaded by subterranean code amber lights whilst Vostock Reef delivers a nerve shattering pro-glass reinforced spiral tunnel track.