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Game storylines "still in the black & white era"

Script writer Tom Jubert says game plots have an awful long way to go. Still...

Videogame script writer Tom Jubert has drawn a parallel between the state of videogame storylines and cinema and reckons game plot is still in the black and white era.

"It seems contradictory to suggest film is capable of doing just that, but that gaming is somehow different - there's not a leg to stand on", Jubert told CVG when asked if he views videogames as a palatable medium through which to offer commentary on topical issues.

"Gaming's an unfortunate term we've been saddled with", Jubert, who has worked on the Penbumra horror adventures and Black & White 2, added.

He says that a lot of games, especially those of a few years ago, are intellectually akin to a game of tennis, or Snakes & Ladders, but these days that's not really a fair appraisal as interactive entertainment is better.

"Of course," Jubert continued, "topical relevance being palatable and it actually occurring is a different story.

"Blacksite gets a lot of flak for its botched political message - but at least they gave it a shot. Bioshock was altogether less ambitious. But it's early days - in cinematic history we'd still be in black and white".