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The Many Deaths of Lord British

Feature: You can't keep a good man down - but you can try

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Ultima IX: Use Your Loaf
British's invulnerability can be circumnavigated by tricking him into eating poisoned bread you brought with you from your home dimension. The full Looney Tunes style death sequence has been immortalised online. We especially like how he chokes, falls down, gets up again and finally dies. Good going.


Ultima Online: You're Fired
Arguably the most iconic of all British's many deaths happened in the course of the Ultima Online beta test. Lord British and Lord Blackthorn were addressing a crowd when a firefield spell hit the pair of them. It came from a player by the name of Rainz, who figured it was simply too good an opportunity to miss and was expecting nothing but annihilation for his troubles.

It was a strike so spur-of-the-moment that he actually had to use his thief skills to root around everyone else's backpacks to find someone with a suitable spell. Rainz recalls a comment of "Nice Try"... but the laughs turned to astonished gasps as British grunted and fell over. Someone had forgotten to turn on British's invulnerability against that sort of attack. Victory!


General Disorder
Wiping the blank slate clean - and not with blanks

Friday, October 26, 2007. They're moving. They're closing in. There are hundreds of them. They're armed with every single weapon imaginable and some which you imagined especially for them. Oh, the irony. What can possibly be going through your mind?

Since it's the last days of the Tabula Rasa beta and you're General British, the latest in-game alter-ego of the game's visionary Richard Garriott, there's only one thing that can be going through your mind: "Oh no, not again."

Tying into the history of British-killing, and to round out the beta, the Tabula Rasa team had an event where players got bump to off General British. But while the Ultima Online assassination was done by one man, this was a more messy affair, with no one sure who laid the killing blow.

It's an impressive demonstration of Tabula Rasa's main strength: fast-flowing combat and lots of guns.

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