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Audiosurf rides Steam

Indie favourite music game to get commercial release.

Like music? Like frying your brain with electronic visuals and high-speed loop-the-loops? Always wondered why you can't plug your own tunes into games like Guitar Hero? Then you need to play Audiosurf.

Our first indie pick of 2008, and a strong contender in this year's Independent Games Festival awards, should be available to pre-purchase today, with a full release on Friday 15th via Valve's Steam store.

Audiosurf is a brilliant musical puzzle game - it turns your favourite mp3 tracks into racing courses, over which you can play a simple match-three puzzle game. Like a cross between Wipeout, Bejewelled and Guitar Hero.

Because you'll need some music to start you off, Valve are going to bundle the Orange Box soundtrack for you to play with, including 'Still Alive' from Portal, the brilliant Team Fortress 2 music, and all the electronic beats from Half-Life 2.

Audiosurf will also be the first game to use Valve's recently announced Steamworks package, the free tools that help developers with the nuts and bolts of releasing their games online. We'll see the fruits of that in the achievements Audiosurf offers - they'll be tied directly to your Steam profile.

If you want to get insight from the developer of Audiosurf, Dylan Fitterer we have an interview with him here.

In the meantime, can we suggest you start planning your playlist?